Chemical Protective Gloves


These Chemical Protection Gloves are perfect gloves for protecting your hands. 


  • These gloves are to be worn in the event chemical protection (CB protection) is required.
  • Wear your cotton gloves under your chemical protective gloves to assist in the absorption of moisture and to retain comfort.
  • When wearing gloves with Clothing Outfit, Chemical Protective, wear over the liner shirt sleeve and under outer shirt or coat.
  • When wearing gloves with Suit, Chemical Protective, wear under the sleeve of the coat.
  • For maximum durability and when working with sharp objects, wear your leather gloves over these gloves.
  • In the event your chemical protective gloves become contaminated, do not under any circumstances wear your leather gloves over them.
  • In cold weather, wear your environmental handgear over these gloves.
  • Periodically inspect your chemical protective gloves for holes or punctures. In the event they do develop holes, are punctured, or become torn, discard immediately and use a serviceable pair.
  • With proper care, your gloves are capable of providing protection for at least 14 days of continuous wear.

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