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IBC totes, Intermediate Bulk Containers, are reusable bulk containers for all liquid and substance storage needs. These white IBC totes come cubed for easy storage and portability. These containers can be used for water storage, gardening, corn syrup, molasses, and even for hydroponic and aquaculture farming. We offer three different Grades for purchase based on condition and previously stored contents. 

Grade 1
Upgrade to the best with our Grade 1- 275 gallon IBC Totes. These high quality Totes previously stored food grade products: vinegar, molasses, and sorbitol, making them safe for storing drinking water. Before being sold, these pristine Totes have been professionally cleaned and inspected before being sold as Like New. Cosmetically and structurally perfect, our Grade 1 Totes come with a protective cage to protect your purchase and increase longevity.

Grade 2
This Old Prepper offers gently used food safe Grade 2- 275 gallon IBC Totes at a value price. These containers have previously stored food grade products: vinegar, molasses, and sorbitol, making them safe for storing drinking water. These Totes have been washed out but are not cosmetically perfect. We offer these Totes with or without a protective cage.

Grade 3
These Grade 3- 275 gallon IBC Totes are our only non-food grade Totes. Our Grade 3 Totes have previously stored chemicals such as weed killer and water based paint. This product is NOT to be used to store any substance for human or animal consumption. These totes are perfect for storing dirt, rocks, sand, pesticides, pressure washer tanks, water for flushing the toilet, or watering plants or trees for your business or home. This Old Prepper offers these Grade 3 Totes with or without a protective cage.

IBC Tote Cage- 275 gallon
The IBC Tote Cage- 275 gallons are essential to extending the life of your storage units. Sturdy metal surrounds your IBC Tote preventing impact damage as well as damage that may occur by moving your IBC Tote without cage protection. This cage not only protects your IBC Tote but also makes moving and transportation easy. The IBC Tote Cage- 275 gallon can be secured to standard or flatbed trucks. Made to last, this product can be moved with forklifts or by hand. They also stack for compact, convienent, storage in your yard, garage, or storage unit.

Non-food grade IBC Totes- 275 gallon are not meant for storing water or any substance for human consumption. Non-food grade IBC Totes- 275 gallon containers have been previously used for chemicals that may cause harm if ingested. Chemicals stored in non-food grade IBC Totes- 275 gallon containers remain, in some quantities, in the walls of the plastic forever, which makes these products harmful to the health of individuals who use the non-food grade tote for human consumption. 

If used with combustibles or flammable liquids, the plastic containers may melt or burn rapidly causing the contents to release and spill if a fire occurs.

If IBC Tote- 275 gallon are not purchased with a cage this could decrease the longevity of your product. It is not recommended that you purchase an IBC Tote without also purchasing a cage or having a support system in place. 


The consumer is responsible for purchasing and using these items for their intended use. This Old Prepper is not responsible for injury or harm that occurs from the misuse of our products.

Measurements: Width 41″ x Depth 48″ x Height 46″ 

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