Sawyer 3-Way Inline Filter


This ultra lightweight (2 ounces), 0.1 Micron Absolute filter uses pore sizes so small that sediment, bacteria, protozoa, cysts and other contaminants are mechanically removed. The inline filter can be used three different ways.

  • Hydration Pack–By Cutting the drink valve and inserting the filter inline, you can fill dirty water directly into your hydration pack reservoir and drink away. As long as the filter is in place, you will not have to clean your reservoir.
  • Ultra-Light-System–Use the inline filter with a drink tube for the lightest water filtration system available.
  • Faucet Adapter–When traveling overseas, just hook the filter up to the faucet with included adapter. This filter can treat thousands of gallons per day–making it ideal for large groups of people.

This 2 ounce filter is rated for 1 million gallons of water and when it slows down simply backwash it using the provided adapter. This filter also removes 99.99999% of all Bacteria and 99.99999% of all Protozoan (Cyst).