Are you thinking about adding to your firearm collection?

This Old Prepper provides immediate access to thousands of firearms and accessory SKUs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This Old Prepper customers can instantly see any item’s availability to shop and compare firearms directly from two of my distributors warehouses listed below. This Old Prepper customers can instantly see any item’s availability and price.

          This Old Prepper Gun Store

Sports South

Gun Genie

When shoppers place an on-line firearms order from either distributor, the built-in fulfillment process begins and the item is quickly shipped to my Richmond retail store from the distributor for convenient pick up.

When you purchase from This Old Prepper, there are no hidden fees or charges……including transfer fees. The total you see when ordering is the entire cost. No surprises when you arrive to pick up the firearm!

When you shop with This Old Prepper, you are dealing with Dan personally so you can be sure you receive fast, courteous service and are made to feel right at home when you visit the retail store.

As always, as soon your order arrives at the store, I will call you to set up a time that is convenient for YOU to pick it up. Many folks sometimes cannot pick it up during the day due to their job.

I have on many occasions met the buyer at night or the weekend at the store. Being a small store,

I can deliver personal service like no other gun store can.