Why do we Prep?


Many people would like to start prepping but are either not aware of how to start, feel they cannot afford to or are afraid they will be typecasts as one of those that are full of negative gloom and doom. Some are a bit embarrassed to start prepping. Much of the public has the wrong perception of peppers.

Prepping is nothing more than anticipating emergencies, natural disasters and the possibility of an economic collapse and of course another terrorism attach here in the US. Prepping can be as little or as much as you feel comfortable (or compelled) to do for you and your family. Preparing for emergencies is not an ” all of a sudden” event. It is a slow but steady plan that should not be a burden to your finances. One or two items at a time….over time…is sufficient. Skills are also a very important part of being prepared. You cannot just buy your preparedness, you must be able to make things work when you have the resources. Explore You Tube for ideas, very simple products made from every day items.  The boy Scouts of America are the poster children for peppers’. Remember their motto? “Be prepared”

Let’s look at the typical prepper.

  • Peppers’ are Patriotic Citizens
    Peppers’ are actually socially responsible citizens. They anticipate what disasters will possibly occur in their areas and plan for it well in advance. That just simply means that peppers’ are not reliant on the government, rescue groups and private organizations for food, water and emergency supplies.

Remember Katrina, Houston and Florida? The news was full of examples of citizens that probably never envisioned such a crisis and either chose not to prepare …..Or didn’t know how and simply put their trust on the government to get through a disaster or crisis. People helping people as was shown in Houston is very much a part of being prepared. Get to know neighbors and compare skills and abilities. No one can have or do everything, it takes a team.

  • Peppers’ Want to Protect and Provide for Their Family
    Prepping can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. By preparing for disasters, you anticipate what could happen and if it does, you know how to react appropriately rather than panic. Peppers’ have a plan….in the business world, it is called being”pro-active” instead of “reactive”.
  • Natural Disasters
    The US experiences a variety of natural disasters every year from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, mud slides, huge fires among others so it makes sense to prep for any of these disasters that are capable of occurring in your area and start now.

This Old Prepper” is all about how beginners can prep cheaply and how to obtain skills needed when the modern conveniences are no longer available…for the short or long term.

Lastly, Prepping is not expensive or a waste of money if done correctly. Everything you collect for prepping can and will be used at some point by you and your family……unlike some hobbies I have enjoyed but were expensive and had no value to be used later.

Skills are more important than money. What you cannot buy, you can create……or barter your skills for needed products. You do not have to go out and buy a lot of expensive products, we just have to learn to improvise, adapt and overcome those crisis. My site is for education as well as products.

Enjoy my site here at “This Old Prepper”. If you have any questions, please post them on the blog and I will help you in any way I can.

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