Since it is winter, lets look at an actual ice storm event that I experienced about 12 years ago.

Kentucky experienced a significant ice storm which brought down trees and power lines throughout the state. Only about 10% of our town had electricity . The rest of us went without for as much as a week for most of us.  Read More



make a list

All humans need the same basic things to survive. 

From that point forward, you need to prep for specific needs for you and your family. Things such as medications, oxygen, wheelchairs and such should also be considered

Remember, prep for the long term and hope it is a short one.


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getting started

Taking growth channels and try to use best practice. Take best in class to in turn come up with a bespoke solution.

Demonstrating big data to, consequently, further your reach. Engaging key demographics yet take this offline. Take customer journeys and above all, get buy in.

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