As of October 1st 2021, the walk in retail store located at 116 Meadowbrook Rd in Richmond Ky is closed to walk in traffic.  

Going forward, I will continue to accept firearm transfers and perform background checks as I do now however, that is scheduled by appointment 

I hope to see my regular firearm transfer / background check customers as I have in the past. I welcome new transfer / background check customers as well

At this time, transfer fees are $25.00





Since it is winter, lets look at an actual ice storm event that I experienced about 12 years ago.

Kentucky experienced a significant ice storm which brought down trees and power lines throughout the state. Only about 10% of our town had electricity . The rest of us went without for as much as a week for most of us.  Read More

make a list


“Are you prepared” is a pretty broad question. There are so many potential events that can happen, it is impossible for one individual or family to prepare for every scenario.

Everyone needs the same basic things to survive. Food, water, protection from the elements ETC so this should be your starting point. You have them all now but if the unforeseen happens, how long will you have all of the above?

Let’s narrow down the types of events that would call into action your prepping skills.

The most likely things would be wide spread power outages but that has been covered in the previous column.

Your next step is to make a plan to sustain those current resources. What many do not think about is the skills and ability required to do things manually

Sure, you can watch YouTube to learn things but most will discover that there is a difference between understanding something vs actually trying to do what you just learned.  Read More

getting started

Now that you have some skills and supplies, what do you do with them?

Another thing to consider is the atmosphere and temperament of the people around you and if society is degrading.

If people get hungry long enough, you can bet there will be chaos and violence.

Cities of size will be the most active and destructive. Many say they will just bug out. Unless you got out before the violence started, you most likely will be stranded and you may be better off staying put and improvising.

Remember, Power is lost for a significant amount of time, perishable food in the stores will be gone or spoiled. There will be no gasoline for cars or generators and no kerosene for heat. Some will panic and jump in their car or “bug out vehicle” and will just add to the blocked roads and stranded vehicles that didnt make it .

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