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Since March of 2013, we’ve been focused on helping people find prepper and security items that provide everything they may need to be self sufficient in turbulent times .

For the beginner, we offer informative blogs and a personal response to your specific situation to help you get started without being shy or too embarrassed to ask questions

when you contact us, you are treated as if you were an old friend just having a casual conversation. You will forget all about being a newbie!

Don’t underestimate the power of being prepared for any type of emergency.

No one can survive on their own for the long haul. It is extremely important to reach out to others and teach skills to others and  learn new ones.

Think in terms of a small village, you cannot do everything but you will know someone that can do what you cannot.

With trusted friends, you will be more prepared and stronger as a group rather than an individual. 

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With so many products available today, we’re dedicated to stocking the products that are right for  any beginners basic needs.

Once you get started, we can research and special order specific items customers may request and bring them into the store here in Richmond Ky or possibly have them drop shipped directly to your location.

I try to have very competitive prices in addition to the personal advice and information you seek for your individual needs.

I really feel that my store and services are above and beyond anything the “big” stores can deliver. Give us a try. Our dedication shows in everything we do!


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There are so many scenarios that many times overlap so it is important to look at your specific needs and build your plan to address those needs. Things to ask yourself

  • What is the first thing I need to address as soon as an emergency arises
  • Do I have family members that need medication, do you have a supply? Does the medication need to be refrigerated? ( Diabetes medication injections need to remain at 40 degrees or lower)
  • Are you in a safe location when the emergency arises?
  • Are you separated from your family (wife and kids)….Do they know what to do in your absence?
  • If there was an EMP (no electronics will work) If you are away from home during an EMP, no vehicles, phones, or radios will work, how will you get home? Where is a secondary place you can go to be safe? Panning for these types of scenarios is the key.

    These are just some of the things that need to be considered as a prepper

There are so many types of emergencies that no one can prepare for them all. The smartest thing to do is prepare for what is most likely to become an emergency worthy of preparedness.

  • Power grid going down, (Old outdated equipment or manipulation by cyber attack.)
  • Weather related
  • Monetary system collapse
  • Terrorist Attack (domestic and foreign)
  • Fuel shortages
  • Food shortages
  • Water shortages
  • Political Turmoil (Antifa or similar) 

There is just no end to the amount of scenarios, some are local and limited to the immediate area while some can be country or world wide. I hope to give you someknowledge and access to products to help you in your specific need. 

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Benjamin Knapp

It’s an awesome place with tons of useful equipment for camping and wilderness survival. If you need it, he can probably get it. Water purification, hygiene, tools etc.

This Old Prepper

 Thank you for the kind review Benjamin, Please stop in for a visit again soon!!

Ryan Johnson

A great american owned really nice owner great deals and and its not a huge chain store so you just don’t feel like another number. He knows his stuff and will work with you. I highly recommend it!

This Old Prepper

 Thanks for the kind words, Great meeting you, please stop in again when you have more time

Daniel Dawkins

This place is amazing. I had no idea it was even there until a friend brought me with him. The owner was very helpful and he went out of his way to help me. Five out of five stars without a doubt.

This Old Prepper

 Thank you Daniel for the kind words. Please stop in again anytime no purchase necessary *grin*

Greg Strunk

I purchased a parts kit that the manufacturer duplicated some parts and left out others. The owner went out of his way to swap parts out to fill the kit.

 Thank You Greg for the kind words. I try to treat customers better than I expect to be treated if I were in their shoes.Please stop in again, I enjoyed visiting with you