Living Yester-year

Stop and think about how your great grandparents lived. No electricity, no plumbing, no refrigeration, no grocery stores,  but survive they did.  No it was not easy but it was the way of life at the time. One thing I noticed as I was doing my genealogy was that families back then had 5-10 children. I thought Wow that was a lot of mouths to feed but digging a little deeper, I realized it was a workforce from within. It took many people to work the farm, grow the food, build things to barter, haul water, do laundry and all the other things needed to be accomplished daily as a way of life. My point is that a two or three person family cannot have all the needed skills and perform everything needed to survive…..even in today’s world.

It takes a group 

In the old days, every person, young and old, had many talents or skills which allowed less people to accomplish what needed to be done. Because of modern conveniences over the past 100 years, the need for manual skills declined and mostly became hobbies.  Now growing a garden, canning food, building things and inventing how to make things from other things have pretty much gone away.

The best way to get past this limitation is to work with a local neighborhood group. You should have a list of skills needed and hopefully you can find a member for your group that has the skills you need 

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